Thursday, July 1, 2010

Didja think I'd fallen off the earth?

It's been about 18 months since I updated this thing, and it's hard to believe it can possibly have been so long. I'm going to make a much better effort to post now, but no one hold your breath or anything.

We're in a huge state of flux here. Bob has been working in Kennewick, WA, since before Thanksgiving. I stayed here for school. It put a screeching halt to traveling for speech, which I missed horribly, though I did get to go to the first meet of the year and to State, where one of my kids won in both of her events. The house has been officially on the market since March, but we're in a terrible price range for a valley with a whole lot of unemployed people in it. In the time we've been on the market, three people have looked (not counting the six who came to the open house, two of whom were neighbors).

I have been applying for teaching jobs in the Tri-Cities and actually interviewed for two, neither of which I got. Bummed? Yeah, pretty much.

My mom's place sold in April and she moved in here the week before Memorial Day. Sara spent two months at home and is back at BYU for summer term.

That's the update. I'll try to be back soon for more of life as it happens.

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