Sunday, December 7, 2008

Prayers, please.

Just popping in for a moment to ask anyone reading to remember one of our speech kids in your prayers. Our head coach just called me about an hour ago to say that E's father committed suicide this weekend. The family is coping as best it can and the speech kids have been rallying 'round E, but I'm sure more prayers would be appreciated.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Not that "Friday" has much meaning. I've got Swing Club after school. Then we've got to do some grocery shopping (which means planning menus for more than a week first, since I'm off to Missoula next weekend for speech). I might get a little sewing in tonight. Then I have to be at school at 6:20 tomorrow morning to go to Whitefish with the JV speech team. (I let my assistant go on the varsity trip to Helena this weekend--trying to limit my travel as much as I can and still be able to do my job.)

Now, Whitefish is only 20 minutes up the highway, and Extemp draw isn't until 8, with rounds starting at 8:30, so why do we have to go so early? We're sharing a bus with Glacier, since we both have small JV squads this week. ::sigh:: Won't be home tomorrow night until just time to bathe Canna and put her to bed.

We don't have church until 1 on Sunday. Thank goodness that'll only last a few more weeks; it's exactly at naptime. And...I'm the nursery leader.

You may all laugh.

There's a reason I teach high school.

Ah well, this, too, shall pass.

And, because I'm the mommy, more Canna photos for you!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I lied...

Here I am back again already, with a few minutes to spare, since speech practice ended early. I'm just trying this thing out. How about I entertain you with a cute picture of Canna investigating the Christmas tree-in-progress? She loves balls, and thinks she should be able to throw all those round things.

Post number one. Don't expect 'em to be regular, folks.

I blame Laurie. After all, she knows I can't resist having just one more project to do. So here I am! I'm sitting in sixth period "Structured Study," aka Study Hall, playing Christmas music and watching kids sleep. Erm, I mean study. But hey, I'd far rather do this than confront the pile of essays I have to grade. After all, midterm grades don't have to be posted until Thursday!