Friday, December 5, 2008


Not that "Friday" has much meaning. I've got Swing Club after school. Then we've got to do some grocery shopping (which means planning menus for more than a week first, since I'm off to Missoula next weekend for speech). I might get a little sewing in tonight. Then I have to be at school at 6:20 tomorrow morning to go to Whitefish with the JV speech team. (I let my assistant go on the varsity trip to Helena this weekend--trying to limit my travel as much as I can and still be able to do my job.)

Now, Whitefish is only 20 minutes up the highway, and Extemp draw isn't until 8, with rounds starting at 8:30, so why do we have to go so early? We're sharing a bus with Glacier, since we both have small JV squads this week. ::sigh:: Won't be home tomorrow night until just time to bathe Canna and put her to bed.

We don't have church until 1 on Sunday. Thank goodness that'll only last a few more weeks; it's exactly at naptime. And...I'm the nursery leader.

You may all laugh.

There's a reason I teach high school.

Ah well, this, too, shall pass.

And, because I'm the mommy, more Canna photos for you!

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